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January List

Download our current January 2018 list HERE

At this dull time of year we offer an exciting range of perennials and annuals to whet your appetite for the year ahead. These are for early spring sowing.

Thanks to one of our friends and growers we are able to supply you with an unrivalled range of Codonopsis. These are best spring sown as overwintering young seedlings can be tricky. Last year we had a dozen or so on the list including the yellow climber C. kawakamii and the large blue flowered C. vinciflora.

Lathyrus at this time of year we offer annual peas such as the lovely two-toned L. clymenum and the stunning L. tingitanum. We re-offer sweet peas as it's not too late.

Delphinium we have a range of perennial species delphiniums many of which have wonderful and unusual colour combinations - greens, browns and blues.

Digitalis some of the more unusual foxgloves from around the world.

Dierama from the tall white form of D. pulcherrimum to the diminutive D. trichorhyzum.

Salvias hardier and less usual species are offered such as forsskaolii and przewalskii with its scented foliage and dense purple spikes.

Muscari one of our favourites (we hold the National Collection!)

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